Inspired by Paradise

Bermuda has captured the imagination of artists for centuries, the jewelers of Davidrose among them. Our unique works of art reflect the extraordinary beauty of the island, the incredible depth of its history, and the heart and soul of her people.  

Designers and History

Davidrose Jewelry is owned by husband and wife, David and Rose, who met over a decade ago as university students. During their courtship, they discovered a mutual passion for design, and as their relationship bloomed, so did their dreams for jewelry collections inspired by Bermuda’s seas, skies, and stories.  

They began creating in 2009 and three years later, opened a stunning store overlooking the harbour in the historic Town of St. George.  In addition to their collections, Davidrose quickly became known for their custom engagement rings and wedding bands, and have collaborated with many couples on their journeys to say ‘I Do’.  

In 2017, they celebrated four years of marriage, their daughter’s first birthday, and the launch of a new store in the heart of the City of Hamilton.  


Create something special.